Enter a world with limitless imagination

The platform uses a revolutionary blockchain token economic system that combines the advantages of Defi and NFT and uses financial mechanisms and game systems to empower players.


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The wait is finally over. We are delighted to inform you that we are starting trading on the Catex.io. You can now deposit IMR Token in your wallet and start trading.

Feature Highlights

NFT Platform

Purchase, trade & stake unique Blockchain-asset-based tokens.

Gaming Platform

Everything you need to imagine stuff is here: play, discover, in 2D, 3D, and VR.

OTT Platform

Experience the next level of immersive entertainment in AR, VR & MR.

Tourism Virtual event

Try New cutting-edge 360-degree maps, real-time location sharing, and alluring travel experiences.

NFT creator

Create your own Digital collectibles and make it available for purchase.

Hybrid Virtual event

Explore & interact in various types of virtual events all around the globe and grow.

Forex Broker House

Trade with ICONIC METARIDE Token in Forex

Social Network

Get the latest NFTs! Buy the Mystery Box to receive exclusive collectibles, no spoilers!

Buy and sell with ease!

Creating the “Internet of NFT,” the Iconic Metaride platform is a blockchain gaming infrastructure that helps build a creative community that shares value and ownership.

  • We are committed to building a sustainable blockchain network that allows Buying, selling, collecting, staking, and creating NFT's to thrive.

  • Experience the future of investing in Crypto Collectibles.

Create and sell your NFTs


Explore new worlds in augmented reality. Choose from a variety of games.

The future of the virtual gaming experience is here. Designed with both VR and AR technology, Iconic Metaride will reshape what you expect from a game.

Welcome to the metaverse

Purchase the NFT token and become a part of the NFT metaverse and community ecosystem, contribute a node, earn rewards and more

Play, discover, win prizes!

The main ways of Play To win Rewards:


NFT Staking

Participate in NFT staking on the Iconic Metaride platform


On-platform games

Participate in games on the Iconic Metaride platform.


NFT Creation

Create game NFTs and sell on our NFT marketplace

Building the next era of entertainment.

Iconic Metaride is a full-service OTT platform with its own VR, AR, and MR services for viewing virtual reality series/videos.

We are committed to innovating and ensuring our future technologies are integrated with the most up-to-date software. Our OTT platform will enable you to connect to games, movies, and more in 3D and VR!


Hybrid Virtual Event

Take a stand in our VR exhibition. Reach a wider audience than ever before and differentiate your offerings.

Exhibit / Attend a Hybrid Virtual event at iconic metaride and discover best practices to inspire new ideas, make new connections, Communicate, fresh access markets and make memorable top-quality contacts to potential customers and partners.

From trade shows to e-commerce, the global art and fashion markets are eager to connect with you


Token Name: IMR token,
Total Supply 10,000,000 (100%),
Available for sale (Token) 5,500,000 (55%) ,
Platform: Binance Smart Chain ,
Decimals: 8 ,
Ticker: IMR,
Token Type: BEP20


Token Distribution

Token sale with Bonus 55%
Reserve 20%
Tech Team Share 10%
Partner & Advisors 5%
Bounty 5%
Airdrop 5%


Fund Allocation

Developing 27%
Marketing Campaign 45%
Reserve 23%
Licencing 2%
Legal 3%

All Wallet Options



What are NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)?

A unique digital token (aka NFT) can be verified and thus not swapped or replaced by other like-token within the blockchain. Iconic Metaride helps you turn your digital assets into NFTs on the BSc blockchains.

How do I sell my NFT on Iconic Metaride?

Selling on NFT on Iconic Metaride is easy. After minting your NFT, you can head over to iconicmetaride.io, connect your wallet, and list your NFT created on the Iconic Metaride marketplace for sale

How much does it cost to use Iconic Metaride?

Iconic Metaride is free to signup and use. No subscription is needed. For BSc smart contracts, you will pay the gas fees to deploy and interact with your contract.

Is an NFT the same thing as a digital collectible?

NFTs and digital collectibles have been used interchangeably. Digital collectibles minted on our platform are BEP-20 tokens on the BSc blockchain network. Not all NFTs are digital collectibles, and not all digital collectibles are NFTs.

What is a smart contract, and do I need one?

A smart contract is a self-executing contract with the conditions of the agreement between purchaser and seller being directly written in the form of a code. The code and the agreements contained therein exist across a distributed, decentralized blockchain network. In the Iconic Metarides case, the BSc blockchain network. Our platform will allow you to customize your smart contract. You are the owner of this smart contract through your Metamask wallet address connected during the time of creation. Each smart contract allows you complete control and ownership of what NFTs are in your collection and will enable you to manage your collection details on other marketplaces when you connect your Metamask. You can manage multiple smart contracts and NFT projects within your Iconic Metaride account.

What kind of assets can I mint as an NFT?

Iconic Metaride offers unlimited file sizes for the following formats. Assets are stored on IPFS, and details are available on your NFT detail page once NFT has been minted:
-Images – PNGs, JPGs, SVG, GIF
-Video – MP4
-Audio – coming soon!
-3D/AR – coming soon!

What are gas fees, and do I have to pay gas to mint NFTs on Iconic Metaride?

Creators are responsible for paying the gas fees to deploy their contract and update their drop sale settings. Buyers minting through Metamask on Iconic Metaride will be required to pay any gas fees for NFTs purchased. Gas refers to the fee needed to conduct a transaction on BSC successfully.

What is Metamask?

Metamask is a browser add-on that manages a user’s wallet by reserving their private key on their browser’s data store and the seed phrase encrypted with their password. Metamask is a non-custodial wallet, meaning the user has full access and responsibility for their private key for their wallet address. Once lost, the user cannot control the savings or restore access to the wallet. Supported Browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave Browser, Microsoft Edge.

Can I use a wallet that I already have?

Yes, you will be required to connect Metamask to perform network transactions through our website, both as buyers and sellers. For NFT creators and sellers, you will connect the wallet you will be minting your NFTs into. For NFT buyers and collectors, you will be able to purchase any listed NFTs or Make An Offer for the creator or collection owner to accept.

How should I export my video for NFT?

In order for the best support across iOS, Desktop and playback across platforms like Opensea:
-40 MB
-H.264 video, 24 fps
-Baseline Profile level 4.2 with AAC – audio up to 160 Kbps, 48kHz, Stereo audio, 2-pass VBR. Currently 4K is not an option that will play well on different marketplaces.